The Millenial

Dear Young Adult

Being a young adult these days is a bit confusing. Not because you're not an adult but now you've kind of joined this sub-group of "adults" who are "adulting" and it's hard to know what that means (just saying it is tiring.)  I call it being stuck in the Tween Stage. Like, you're not ready to get married and settle down but you are ready to get out of mom and dad's house and make you're own decisions. Some of you are already doing this and some aren't. I think Millenials get a bad rep. You know the're lazy, entitled, don't know hard work...blah blah blah... You and I know that's not true. You're the generation that wants to change the world and wants your life to have purpose and meaning. I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU! But during my time with you serving and helping you unpack life I've noticed a few things. 

​First, it's hard to change the world when you don't know who you are. How can we know who we are when school has been telling us what to do and what to think¬†for 13-18 freaking years???¬†I get it! ¬†Isn't school where we should have learned this stuff?!? Get it together higher education system!
Second, it's hard to get to know who you are when you're in debt and can't afford to take the job of your dreams because you got bills to pay. So you take a job you hate and all that job teaches you is to sit there, shut up because it's gainful employment, and be happy you even have a job (true...but not very life giving.)

And Third, said with all the kindness in my heart, y'all don't really know how to be in relationships (there I said it!) No one knows how to be in relationships because this generation has been desensitized by the hook-up culture shouting that it's empowering to be intimate with someone you don't really know. (um...scratches head.) Plus, if you don't like someone you can just swipe left and byeeee! No more need to talk...easy peasy...except now we don't know how to talk in real life because we just type all the time. argghhh!

FOMO is not the problem anymore. More like Fear of Being Stuck. Fear of Never Figuring Out Who You Are. Fear of a Life Wasted. Add other challenges such as parents, friends, hurts, stress, disappointments, and not having a community and it's the perfect storm of frustration and fear. 

Is it right for you?
  1. 1
    Looking to get to the heart of who you are?
    All of us yearn to know thy self and live out our best life. But how? Maybe hearing a different perspective on who you are will point you in the right or in a possibly new direction...
  2. 1
    Do you have a hard time comparing yourself to others?
    We all compare but when it starts to affect your self-esteem and image it might be time to take action...
  3. 3
    Want good and healthy life skills?
    Most schooling does not teach us how to be in healthy relationships. How do we know then how to love ourselves and love others? Maybe our parents knew and taught us but maybe they did't know either. Either way perhaps there are more things to learn...
  4. 3
    Feel left behind by friends who's lives have moved on?
    Everyone moves at a different pace. You're probably in one of the biggest transitions of your life. Maybe you need a place to unpack your feelings...
  5. 4
    Want to understand more of who God is?
    God can be pretty mysterious...or non-existent for some of us. Maybe you're ready to hear about his character...or open to some good takeaways...
  6. 8
    Want to be able to learn and teach others?
    Some of us are the friend everyone goes to for help and advice. We like being there for others and perhaps learning new tools would empower us as well as others on their journey...
  7. 5
    Keep replaying old hurts and wounds of the past?
    All of us have a past but it's when we keep beating ourselves up for things that can never change that we need to seek outside help...
  8. 7
    Want to learn how to forgive and hand over the pain?
    Forgiveness is the cornerstone of healing. Without it we will travel with pain, disappointment, and hurt until one day it kicks our butt and makes us deal. This might be the time to be real with yourself...

let's get started, boo!

This class is more than just subjects and curriculum. It's about piecing together those places in your heart that you instinctively already know but have felt just shy of reaching it's full potential. It's about learning and processing the truth of who you are. It's about taking time for yourself for growth and transformation. You will never regret taking time for youself. Send me a message if you have any questions or are on the fence...I got you!

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