Welcome, I'm Stella!
Nice to meet you! I'll be your guide for this next season of life

Figuring out who we are can often times be one of the most challenging experiences in life. Others around us seem to have it all figured out and we may feel left behind. We can feel discouraged and hopeless when we compare our journey with others because their life seems perfect.

I'm here to tell you WE.ALL.STRUGGLE.  No one's life is perfect. And by the way,  life is not meant to be figured out in one month or one school year or after we've aged one more year. Figuring out who we are takes a lifetime and that is a good thing. If we had to have all the answers figured out by the time we were 15 a lot of us would be way past due. Hello! This girl! Right here! 

I created a course called Identity. It's a 10 week journey where you and I will talk about the things you've heard, felt, and been told (or not been told) that you need to know about living a healthy life. Identity is created as a safe place to unpack your questions and get to the bottom of the things you already feel and prepare you for the life ahead.

Who's this for?

High School Students​¬†

Young Adults



If you're a church leader looking to help your students become who God called them to be then Identity can help. We get to the bottom of God's word, his character, and unpack it in ways that give voice to what God has already placed in their hearts. Let's do this together...
Life has started. You're making your own decisions now. Maybe you didn't figure out everything you hoped to in high school, college, or at your new job. Identity will help ground you in what you already know and guide you to who you've been created to be.... 
Your student is going through a lot in high school. The pressures to have it all figured out, social media, and becoming an adult are all happening at once. Schools are illequipped to handle everything coming at the both of you. Identity can help your student thrive...
High School can be challenging. There are so many changes happening at once! The pressures of school, family, social media, and your future can be overwhelming. If you're looking to figure out who you are, where you're going, and how to get there in a healthy way...
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